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35 Minute Total Body Workout | Giant Sets | Glutes Hamstrings Shoulders Tricep Chest Core | At Home

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Grab dumbbells, a bench or chair, mini band (fabric or latex), and a mat for this 35 minute full body at-home giant-set workout. The bench is used to increase the range of motion. If you do not have access to a bench or sturdy chair, perform the exercises on the ground, or help stabilize with a different sturdy object. For resistance reference, I have a pair of 5, 10 and 15lb DBs. Exercises are grouped together in a giant-set during today's workout. We will perform each exercise for 60 seconds (4 minutes of total work time) before taking a 30 second break. This is non-repeat today, so after the 30 second break we will move into a new giant-set. We have seven giant-sets today which combine shoulder, triceps, chest, glute, hamstring and core focused exercises. This is a very very high volume metabolic workout, it should feel quite challenging by the end : ) Take additional rest time and/or drop the weight as needed!

Let me know how this workout goes in the comments below : )

Skip to 1:20 to begin workout
Total Workout time: Approx 35 minutes
Total Time with Stretching: Approx 39 minutes

Month 1 30 Day Workout Program:

Month 2 30 Day Workout Program:

Yogorilla Mats / Use code FITBYLARIE for 10% off: (I'm using 7x5)

Equipment/ Clothing used:

The Workout / 60 seconds each
Banded Lateral Walks
Banded Monster Walks
Banded Kickbacks L
Banded Kickbacks R
DB Bstance RDL L
DB Single Leg Deadlift L
DB Bstance RDL R
DB Single Leg RDL R
DB Lu Raises
DB 6 Way Raise
DB Poliquin Lateral Raise
DB TVI Raise
DB Bstance to SL RDL L
DB Bstance to SL RDL R
DB Straight Leg Deadlifts
DB Pronated Shoulder Press
DB Neutral Grip Press
DB Tricep Extension
Tricep Dips
DB Single Leg to Bstance Hip Thrust L
DB Bilateral Hip Thrust slow
DB Single Leg to Bstance Hip Thrust R
DB Bilateral Hip Thrust normal tempo
BW pushup
BW high to low plank
BW Incline Oblique Mt Climber
BW Incline Mountain Climbers
Banded Feet Elevated Bridge Slow
Banded Feet Elevated Bridge 1 to 1/4 rep
Banded Feet Elevated Bridge Normal Tempo
Banded Feet Elevated Bridge Iso Hold Abductions

Additional Add-Ons to Compliment this Workout:
35 Minute Full Body Workout (Delts, Triceps, Chest, Hams, Glutes):
30 Minute Cardio Giant Sets:
30 Minute Low Impact Cardio:
15 Minute Cardio Kickboxing Inspired:
15 Minute Cardio (Leg Focused):
15 Minute Daily Stretch (Full Body):
15 Minute Upper Body Stretch:
15 Minute Lower Body Stretch:

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