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Episode 233: Breaking the Injury Cycle (Part 2) - The Role of Nutrition

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In part two of our three-part series on injury prevention and management, Matt Welcomes to the podcast leading performance nutritionist Scott Tindal of FuelIn for a discussion on the role of nutrition in injury prevention, mitigation, and recovery.

Together Matt and Scott frame the topic of injury through the lens of under-fueling or improper fueling and its impact on soft tissue and bone health.

The conversation covers:

-Low Energy Availability (LEA), Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (REDS), Over Training Syndrome.
-Chronic vs. Acute LEA
-Caloric intake and the balanced consumption of carbs, protein, and fat
-Proper hydration
-Navigating dietary restrictions

Scott Tindal also explains what it means to “feed the injury” as well as the habits athletes should avoid during injury recovery.

The purpose of this episode is to provide an understanding of the negative physiological challenges that occur due to improper nutrition and how to leverage nutrition in a well-balanced and well-rounded approach to injury prevention, care, and rehabilitation.

Episode Timestamps

0:00 - 02:39 - Welcome and Episode Introduction

2:47 - The Meat and Potatoes - Episode 233: Breaking the Injury Cycle (Part 2) - The Role of Nutrition

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