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Hourglass ARMS & ABS Pilates Sculpt • 30 Minute Workout at Home • September

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This is a 30 minute home workout designed to help you accentuate your natural hourglass upper body figure by sculpting into your abs, waist, back, and shoulders! The exercises in this workout are designed to help you tone your abs, slim your waistline, and get a toned upper body at home.

It is important for me to note here that I view my hourglass shaping routines as something to have fun with while targeting specific muscle groups, and that having an hourglass figure is largely dependent on natural bone structure. At the end of the day, all I want is for you to enjoy the burn throughout and to get in a good workout that I know will make you feel incredible by the end. In short, appreciate WHAT YOU'VE GOT and celebrate all progress - there is no perfect body type - except for the one YOU were born with. xox

My official set of RESISTANCE BANDS can be found in the link below!

1. Lightest set of dumbbells, or two filled water bottles as substitute
For your reference, I'll be using my 3lb set of weights throughout
2. Pilates ball (optional)
You may also use a pillow in place of the ball if you want to increase the intensity of the workout and don't have a pilates ball available to you.

:45 Seconds Work // :15 Seconds Rest
Circuit #1: 10 Min - Back and Shoulders
Circuit #2: 10 Min - Abs and Waist burn
Circuit #3: 10 Min - Arms and Abs Combo
**Bonus** 1 Minute Finisher

Our NEW Mighty Fine September Sculpt (9/7 - 9/30) calendar is in the link below! This next series will include the BEST OF my sculpt routines, along with a new upload every Wednesday.
This program is going to help you SCULPT & SHRED your way to lean muscle lines, better health, and the sense of accomplishment I know you feel after every workout!
Please download your guide in preparation for September 7th, and I'll see you there!

In preparation for your workouts, I would recommend doing this:
After you've completed your workout, don't forget to stretch with this:


• While we CAN use exercises to tighten and tone targeted muscles, we cannot spot treat fat. To lose fat, I recommend being in a MODEST calorie deficit (no more than 500 calories less per day). Don't overdo it! Undercutting your calorie intake can actually result in a slower metabolism and slower muscular development. Opt for nutrient dense, whole foods and avoid processed or frozen foods.
• Include a source of protein with each of your meals or snacks. This will help you build muscle and keep your energy and hunger cravings stable. I typically aim for 1.5g - 2g protein per kg bodyweight per day.
• Be sure you are staying HYDRATED. Ladies, 2.7L (91oz) of water per day. Men, 3.7L (125oz) per day.
• Start your day with 16oz of water to kickstart your metabolism, and an additional 4-8oz every 15-20 minutes during your workout.

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