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Resistance Band Hammer Curl - 2 Exercises to Build your Biceps!

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Let’s talk about a banded hammer curl! Have you ever done a hammer curl with resistance band before?! The resistance band hammer curl is a great way to train your biceps effectively as you can anchor your band to create multiple variations.

In this video I’m going to show you two of my favorite band hammer curl variations. The first hammer curl resistance band variation is going to utilize one band and will offer a similar feel to a rope hammer curl or a low cable hammer curl that you may have done on a cable machine. The second hammer curl variation I’ll walk through is a cross body single arm hammer curl or a pinwheel curl.

I’ll give you all my best form and technique for both standing bicep hammer curl exercises! Be sure to keep watching for the crossbody hammer curl form queues as those will be extremely helpful in making sure your biceps get the most benefit out of each rep!

Now let’s get to those band bicep hammer curl variations!

Equipment Used:

41-Inch Resistance Bands:

Clench Band Handle:

Wall Anchor:

Anchor Strap:

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